Expertise is in our cabinet builders’ DNA. The products reflect the builders’ enthusiasm, as well as the functionality, quality, safety and design. We don’t accept anything less than perfect and SDB display cabinets and showcases reflect that. Every SDB display cabinet is made in the Netherlands, an ultra-Dutch product.

We use only aluminium sections, connecters and closures that we mould ourselves. Consequently, we can manufacture every product exactly as you want it. To give an example, other manufacturers mostly use commercial sections, standard solutions that directly influence the quality and aesthetics of the product, which leads to compromises. We think that’s a shame.

Our cabinet builders are all enthusiastic experts, well trained through our own training track. They work with specialised equipment, which we often develop or adjust ourselves. As you can see, we have designed and organised every detail in the development and production process of our display cabinets so that we can manufacture everything according to our high-quality standard.
No one in the market can equal our level of cabinet finishing, blind assembly systems and three-dimensional mitred bonded glass plates. Details that make the difference!