The process often begins with the designer, who instantly responds to changes in the world: new people, new possibilities and smarter solutions. Designs that defy the current production techniques, that set new standards on how something is made, or even more so, that the designer doesn’t even know how to make.

The ball is then in our court: to find a solution. Designers trust our knowledge and know that we always return with a solution that not only does justice to their design, but also to the production, quality and safety of the display cabinet, as well as to the wallet of the buyer.

After all, it has to be affordable. In that sense, we at SDB have both feet on the ground.
Trends in home, office and shop designs change the fastest, because these sectors are the most sensitive ones to fashion. We make sure to apply these developments to the design of display cabinets for other sectors, such as museums and information boards, so that these sectors can keep up with the latest trends.