Craftsmanship & Customization

Display cabinets for museums are quite expensive. But not at SDB Vitrinebouw. We deliver exceptional quality at reasonable prices.

We often even have to justify our relatively low prices to museum directors and buyers. For us a normal price is obvious . How do we do this? We are experts who do not make things difficult for no reason. In other words: We set the bar exceptionally high, yet avoid huge expenses.

Our service and logistics are also of the highest quality. Climate-controlled cabinets? Dust-free cabinets? Construction on location? You can count on us.

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Why have display cabinets in your museum?

A display cabinet protects the objects and at the same time, they are easily viewed by the public. This prevents people from touching, damaging or even stealing valuable items.

Moreover, a display cabinet puts the spotlight on the objects. A display cabinet provides maximum view of the exhibited items, visitors to the museum can view the objects from close up and from various viewpoints.

Our product range of museum display cabinets

SDB Vitrinebouw has a large range of display cabinets for museums. Below is an explanation of the various possibilities that we offer:

Dust-free cabinets

Dust-free cabinets prevent dust from entering the cabinet . In these cabinets, it is possible to use laminated glass to create a 99% UV filter. This prevents the objects in the cabinet from discolouring by UV radiation.

We sell an extensive selection of dust-free cabinets, upright cabinets, table showcases and display cabinets on legs.

Climate-controlled cabinets

A climate controlled cabinet is not only dust-free, but can also control the humidity in the cabinet.

A difference in humidity can damage certain collections. It is difficult to maintain a constant climate in a museum, so our climate-controlled showcases are the solution.

Pedestal showcases with a glass bell

In addition to climate-controlled showcases and dust-free cabinets, we also have pedestal showcases with a glass bell in our product range. These bells are available with laminated glass, which filters 99% of the UV radiation.

The pedestal showcases are available in various colours, optional with or without lighting.

Table showcases with gas springs

A table display case with gas springs is as a user-friendly way of presenting collections in a museum. The gas springs allows the table showcase to open easily, even if the showcase top or door is very heavy.

The showcase can be opened by a single person and can stay open without any additional props. The gas springs are not visible when the showcase is closed.

Display cabinets with lighting

You have also also come to the right place for display cabinet lighting. We will be pleased to advise you about the best lighting for your situation.

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Custom-made display cabinets

Making customised display cabinets is also something we offer.

We think along with you about which dimensions, materials and options are most suitable for your situation.

This is why you should opt for SDB Vitrinebouw

SDB Vitrinebouw has more than 55 years of experience in building display cabinets for museums.

Craftsmanship is what we stand for. A display cabinet for a museum need not be expensive. We provide extraordinary quality at affordable prices.

SDB Vitrinebouw attempts to have display cabinets for a museum ready in the fastest possible timeframe. Moreover, we do not charge shipping costs to (nearly ) any destination in the Netherlands. You can contact us for shipping costs to your destination.

For more information contact us at of +31 073 6339133. We are here to assist you!



Below you will find a selection of our museum projects: