Interview with museum director Bart van den Akker

“If the NASA sticker is no longer on it, suddenly it is an ordinary machine ”

For a nostalgic experience, you can touch everything in the HomeComputerMuseum. For example, play with the Commodore 64 from 1982, the best-selling computer of all time. Or type out a text on an Apple II 1977. “All computers are on: it is a real interactive experience ”, says museum director Bart van den Akker.

So, if you can touch everything with your fingers, what do you need display cases for?? “We also have a number of computers that are unique, and of great value ”, says Bart. “Like a computer used for the movie Titanic. And a NASA computer used on one of those 140 missions to Mars. Of course we don't want people to touch this. Because if the NASA sticker is no longer on it, suddenly it is an ordinary machine. Moreover: showpieces deserve a display case. ”


Collections behind glass


The two PCs have thus been given a special place in the HomeComputerMuseum: in a glass case. There are also two very special collections behind glass. Bart: “The first is a collection of CDis that Philips has in between 1991 and 1996 has released. These are interactive CDs containing encyclopedias, video clips and also games. The second is the world's largest collection of boxed PC games. This collection is even in the Guinness Book of Records. ”


Timeless display cases


The still young museum - starting year 2018 - moved to a beautiful at the beginning of last year, new accommodation in Helmond. Here Bart immediately wanted to tackle the interior properly. “Professional showcases are of course part of that. Even if we don't have the biggest wallet: SDB has nevertheless been able to meet all our wishes. Eric has thought great with us. ”

At the top of Bart's list were "timeless" display cases, because they always match the changing style of the museum. “When we turn off a computer, for example 1978 get it in, will it be placed on a table from the same year ”, he explains. “Just like the chair behind it. The showcases were therefore not allowed to become too modern or too old-fashioned. This way they fit perfectly into the whole. ”


Expand without any hassle


The museum director says he gets a lot of compliments about his display cases. That makes him proud, but also its special connection with SDB. “I was born in Rosmalen, the place where the showcases are made. I think it's great that such craftsmanship is delivered here. It is also nice that I am sure that I can expand without any problems, now or in twenty years. After all, SDB makes everything itself. ”

Bart thinks there is a good chance that he will have to reorder, because the HomeComputerMuseum has only grown since its foundation. “I can't wait to call Eric again!” (* only available in the Netherlands)