For schools, offices, shops and care units

Delivery 1-5 days

Protect yourself, your personnel, your children, your customers or patients by fitting a professional partition wall/hygiene screen from SDB Vitrinebouw.

SDB Vitrinebouw is happy to help you. We are already specialized in building partition units and showcases, so there are no obstacles for us, and we can quickly provide you with durable partitions with a unique “deposit formula” * (only available in the Netherlands).

Humans are using more plastic than ever, and this is obviously leaving its mark. Animals eat plastic, it ends up in our drinking water, in our food , in . the air, in our food , in . Litter is becoming a health problem.

The current crisis has certainly not had a positive effect on this. The required partition walls / Cough screens / Corona screens for our 1.5 -meter economy are now mostly manufactured from non-environmentally friendly plastics, such as perspex, polycarbonate and so forth .

These screens will be unnecessary as soon as there is a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus!

So, what are we going to do with all these screens? Obviously, companies will want to get rid of them;, later, everything will be thrown away en masse or put in storage for later disposal. This places an enormous additional burden on the environment.

That is why SDB Vitrinebouw has decided to produce these partition walls , and hygiene screens . using recyclable materials only, such as tempered glass and aluminium. Products that are easy to recycle. And to encourage this recycling, we at SDB Vitrinebouw are introducing a “deposit formula” on the partition walls supplied by us: , ask us about the conditions*. * Only availabe in the Netherlands .

Unlike perspex and most other plastics, tempered glass can withstand very high temperatures far above 200 degrees, and will not literally drip and melt like these plastics within a few minutes. SDB Vitrinebouw's choice for tempered glass is therefore no longer logical.

The benefits of tempered glass

Stays clear
Resistant to
cleaning products
Quick delivery times

So, the complete process from production to delivery, and from the return to the recycling, we will manage as SDB* (*only in the Netherlands). . We offer you a complete sustainable solution, so that you no longer have to worry about this chapter.

And last but not least, all our products are produced in our factory in Rosmalen, short delivery times and flexibility are therefore an absolute guarantee.

For questions and / or further information, please contact SDB Vitrinebouw.

This can of course be done by mail and telephone, a visit is no problem, you are welcome according to the RIVM guidelines, no hands, 1.5 meters away, but of course coffee.

If you are looking for “on site” specific solutions, this is no problem either. Our representatives are happy to make an appointment at your location, of course again in accordance with all RIVM guidelines.

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