Buying table Showcases

Bringing attention and display of objects can sometimes be a challenge. A table display case with this, the solution. The display cases are in every conceivable shape and design available.

SDB Showcase Building has a wide range of affordable but good quality table showcases for both individuals and museums.

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Table display for your shop or museum

A table display case is the ideal way for your products, collection or collection to show your visitors. Because the display cases which are lower, they can also be placed in the middle of a space, without having to thereby obstruct the view.

Do you want the objects in the table display additional highlight? This is possible by means of illumination, pots such as LEDs or LED strips. LEDspots are useful when you want to put extra focus on certain objects. For a more even illumination LED strips are more suitable.

Our range showcases table

SDB Showcase Building offers a variety of table showcases, display cases, such as with gas pressure springs, and counter showcases. For customization, please contact us.

Table showcases with gas springs

A table display case with gas springs is suitable for presentation in a gallery, museum or jeweler.

Because the cabinets are equipped with gas springs can be opened by one person and the display remains off themselves open. Would you have the hinges from view? This is possible with the option of concealed hinges.

SDB Showcase Building also provides the ability to supply and assemble the hidden table showcases with gas springs certified locks. The table display cases are provided with 8 mm toughened safety glass, and two handles in order to open the display case and to avoid finger prints on the glass.

Table- and Counter Showcases

The table- and counter display cases are typically used in stores to products to store. This display cases have around tempered safety glass and the front side is covered with glass to glass.

The display cases are opened by means of two sliding glass panes with a ground-glass handles in an anti-lift device and. This protection ensures that the glass can not be lifted out of the guide.

Would you can easily move the table display? Then you can choose casters two of which are provided with a brake. Alternatively, you can choose a base with suede look. These are available in different colors.

A table display customized

Looking for a table display that fits perfectly in the interior of the museum or the shop? SDB Showcase construction also makes table showcases customization. We can produce your table display complete desired. You can determine the size, as additional options such baseplate, castors, hidden hinges and locks certified.

The price of a table display

SDB Showcase construction delivers exceptional quality at normal prices. We can because we produce the table showcases itself. The price of a table display depends on the size and additional options.

Why a table display at SDB Showcase Building?

SDB Vitrinebouw has more than 50 years of experience in building display cabinets for museums 55 years of experience in building table showcases. We supply table showcases of shops and museums and to consumers. Therefore we know the perfect balance between 'conservation' and 'exhibit'. We deliver excellent quality at a good price.

And because we are both manufacturer and supplier, we have the entire process from design to implementation in-house and can always guarantee the best quality. As an added benefit, you deal with only one contact. Very handy!

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