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A cabinet that is ideally suited to display your most precious valuables, is a display cabinet. Here you can enter your personal collections, place accessories and souvenirs in a dust-free and safe manner.

Because a display cabinet is usually in sight, you have to think critically about the design. Of course you don't want it to look messy. It is actually an art form to arrange your display cabinet in such a way that it is both functional and beautiful.

We want to help you set up your display cabinet. That is why we have listed a number of useful tips for you in this blog. The following topics are covered:

  1. Make choices
  2. Color classification
  3. Variation in materials, shapes and structures
  4. Positions
  5. Group

Make a clear choice in advance for decorating your display cabinet

Start the layout of your display cabinet by making a clear choice.

What do you want to display in your display cabinet? Do not use this for just storing everything, but think about a logical interpretation.

Especially if you have a very large collection, it is important not to display everything immediately.

Select the items that you like the most or that have special meaning to you. Of course you don't have to throw away other items.

Tip: Change the collection in your display cabinet (or a number of times) per year at. This way all your precious items will be discussed, without getting messy.

Pay close attention to the color scheme

By thinking about the colors in advance, you decide whether you want a quiet whole, or just want to create a striking display case.

Do you go for peace and unity? Then choose one color or possibly the same color in multiple shades.

Also look at the rest of your interior: the best thing is if the colors also come back in other places in your room. Group items with the same color, in this way it forms more of a whole and the final result remains calm.

Do you want a striking display case? Then the reverse applies.

Go for highly contrasting items in terms of color. Several fierce, primary colors ensure that your display cabinet will stand out.

Varies in materials, shapes and structures

Varies in materials, shapes and structures in your display case. This makes it interesting and challenging to watch.

By porcelain, shiny pottery, combining crystal and metal offers you a variety of materials that you can keep looking at.

Make it extra exciting by varying in height and volume.

Determine the positions

If you vary in height, it is best to put the highest object in the back. To enter the height, you can also use a tray, for example, a scale, man, or a stack of books.

Do not put everything in a row, but put the items together in small groups. Try to leave enough space between the items and consciously keep some empty spots.

This way you give the chosen items the attention they deserve.

Decorate the display cabinet: Group similar pieces

By items of the same color, putting material or shape together creates unity, so that they reinforce each other.

We call this grouping.

Similar items as photo frames, candlesticks, books, candles, and vases look much nicer when presented as a whole. When you put everything together, it soon looks messy.

Did you know that odd numbers look nicer than even numbers? This is because you break the symmetry.

This makes the whole look clear, but also playful.

Go for a balance and take a fresh look

The last tip around grouping your pieces goes against the advice to vary in materials, structures and shapes.

There is a fine line between variation and chaos. Try to find a good balance by critically decorating your display case.

What helps is to let someone watch. What does another think of your display cabinet interior?

You can quickly stare blindly and someone else's feedback is very refreshing.

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