Your product in the spotlight

Lighting should always be part of a display cabinet. The right lighting does even more justice to your products or valuable objects.

That is why , in addition to our standard glass display cabinets, we also offer a wide range of cabinets with lighting. Whether you opt for the basic LED lighting or deluxe lighting at the sides, you have come to the right place.

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High-quality lighting for display cabinets

We integrate lighting in all our display cabinets. This way we deliver high-quality lighting with low energy consumption.

The glass display cabinets are standard equipped with warm white light. This light is comparable to traditional light bulbs- or halogen lighting. It is very suitable for places where ambiance plays a major role.

Do you prefer lighting in another colour? For example, because you are displaying at a trade fair or it goes better with your office? We can also deliver your display cabinet with RGB LED lighting.

Different types of display cabinet lighting

So many people, with so many wishes. That is why you can choose from different types of display cabinet lighting. SDB Vitrinebouw has three systems: cabinets with basic LED, cabinets with LED lighting at the sides and cabinets with LED strips.

Basic LED

Does the standard lighting meet you needs? Then choose from one of the display cabinets in our Basic LED system. These display cabinets are standard equipped with ceiling lights.

LED lighting at the sides

A top object that must be highlighted? This is possible with a glass display cabinet with lights at the sides. You will find this in the cabinets with LED lighting at the sides.


In addition to display cabinets with lights at the sides, you can also opt for cabinets with LED strips. Our strips are very powerful, making them ideal if you want to have uniform light everywhere in your display cabinet.

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Have we sparked your interest in our range of glass display cabinets with lighting? Then have a look at our in the web shop . We will deliver and mount a complete glass display cabinet with lighting. For more information, request an obligation-free quotation. Contact us at and +31 073 6339133. We are always at your service!